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Call 1-800-345-SAFE (7233)
Call 1-800-345-SAFE (7233)
Choosing the right pool fence is a very important decision because drownings and near drownings occur so often. How do you know which pool fence is the best?
Check each component and compare them.
No one can keep their eyes on their child every minute. When you notice that your child is missing, you should always check your swimming pool first. You need to be able to instantly see through your pool fence to see if your child has gotten into your pool area, because every second counts. You also don't want your beautiful view obscured by a dense, dark mesh. Look at the difference in transparency between standard mesh and Viking Premium Mesh.
Stainless Steel Is Much Stronger Standard Pole Or Viking Pole Small Hole Shade Mesh
Don't be fooled by misleading claims or photographs. Be sure you're getting a large hole mesh, it's a safety issue and it looks much better.
Viking Large Hole Specialty Mesh
Viking Pool Fence and Gates are manufactured using our Hybrid Aluminum Unbreak-a-Pole with 1/2" stainless steel rod bottoms. When a standard 1" pool fence pole breaks, your child can lift up the fence and crawl underneath it into the pool area. It's very common to replace broken all aluminum poles.
The drill hole for our Unbreak-a-Pole is smaller than what is needed for a standard pole. In fact, it's actually half the size, 5/8" compared to 1-1/4", so your pool deck looks better when our pole is removed. Deck caps are included to cover the pool deck holes for when you remove your Viking Pool Fence.
Choice of border material is important because it reinforces the top and bottom of the mesh of the pool fence. Viking Border will help keep the mesh from tearing and allowing children to get inside the pool area. Avoid border materials that look shiny and crack, or cloth-type materials that fray and sag.
It's easy to see the differences in poles, mesh, and overall quality when you look closely and compare. We've brought together all the best components available in the pool fence industry to make Viking Premium Pool Fence and Gates your best solution to swimming pool safety concerns.
Budget Poles Deteriorate Cracked Border Material Frayed Border Material Standard Poles Bend Easily Frayed Border Material Broken Off Standard Pole Pool Fence Comparison
Standard Pool Fence
Viking Pool Fence
Once Bent, They Easily Break
Using budget poles results in color deterioration and oxidation. Viking Poles have a beautiful high quality powder coating built to last.